Columbia Dentoform®, the company that pioneered the first accurate and effective human dental models, now brings you incredibly accurate canine and feline veterinary models.

Columbia Dentoform®'s Veterinary Dentoforms® were developed to provide veterinary medicine with a cost effective, accurate and humane alternative to using live animals and preserved cadaver heads for teaching programs. Schools around the world have been receiving significant opposition towards the use of healthy animals to teach surgical techniques that frequently involve sacrificing them. Yet, most veterinary schools continue to use animals in their curriculum because, until now, affordable veterinary simulation models were not available.

Working closely with leading veterinarians, Columbia Dentoform® has developed veterinary dental teaching models intended for seamless integration into education programs of any level. These models are extremely useful to practicing veterinarians in educating pet owners about proper canine and feline dental health.

Veterinary Dentoforms:

  • Provide the closest simulation to real life animal dentition by way of anatomical relationships, tooth hardness, gingival density and jaw articulation
  • Are less expensive and more user-friendly than live animals or cadaver heads
  • Make it possible to practice every aspect of dentistry, including tooth extractions, periodontic and prosthodontic techniques, cavity preparation and routine cleanings
  • Are easy to order with readily available replacement teeth, gingiva, and bone components
  • Create a standard for instructing and testing students
  • Are affordable enough for students to purchase for use while in school
  • Can be used by graduating students later in practice
  • Are valuable client education tools for practicing veterinarians

And, our Veterinary Dentoforms are backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, along with the same outstanding level of customer service and support that has made Columbia Dentoform® the most trusted supplier of educational dental models since 1917.

Columbia Dentoform® models are delivered fully assembled and consist of an upper and lower jaw with properly placed Ivorine™ teeth and a fully adjustable joint articulator. Models are available with or without soft gums. Soft gum models feature removable gums and palate, and are ideal for subgingival exercises.

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Veterinary Models


Canis Exemplar Dentoform Articulated...

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Canis Exemplar Dentoform Articulated...

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Catus Exemplar Dentoform Articulated...

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Catus Exemplar Dentoform Articulated...

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