Columbia Dentoform® pioneered the use of patient simulation products for dental education in the early 1900s. Today, Columbia Dentoform® continues as the leading innovator of dental education products that accurately simulate real life dental practice and technique. Our mission to provide educators, students and academicians with the best, most versatile, and most cost-effective simulation products is epitomized by Columbia Dentoform® manikins.

Columbia Dentoform® manikins combine the simulation tools necessary for a student laboratory or pre-clinical practice. The complete line includes metal craniums, Fletcher™ masks, and x-ray models. All Columbia Dentoform® models, teeth, and tooth preparations - even radiopaque plastic teeth, latex tongues, flexible fingers for holding film, and other teaching aids - can be utilized with Columbia Dentoform® manikins. They can be adapted to conform to the teaching, demonstration or practice requirements of any institution. And they are available with mounts to fit any bench, table or chair.

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The Peculiar World of Dental Manikins

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